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How to Make Career in AI

Artificial Intelligence, used to be a very specialized area of computer science defined by Researchers and Engineers. But as of today, it turned into a main stream computer science kit. A.I. creates chaos in Silicon Valley and big IT companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many other companies. Artificial Intelligence also defines as the study of “intelligent agents”, any machine that perceives its environment and takes action accordingly.

As the demand of A.I. increased in last few years in market, the career opportunities also increased and as of now there will be a lot more offers in A.I. from now.

For making career in A.I, a person needs to have at least a degree of computer science and also have good knowledge of probability, statistics, algebra, calculus, logic, etc. It is clear mathematical background is necessary as it makes the backbone of Artificial Intelligence. These are the requirements of Entry level positions, for high Supervised or Administrative positions, it requires Master’s degree or doctoral degree such as Ph.D. Further more you must have the basic knowledge of computer programming, languages, physics, and robotics.

There are variety of careers in Artificial Intelligence in Government organizations, private companies, Education sector, and the military etc. Some people choose Academic careers i.e. they are the type of people who want to go for Research and some people choose Professional careers i.e. people worked in industry and most of the people choose Professional career. Some example of jobs offered by Artificial Intelligence companies are:

Software analyst and Developers: – As the name suggest these people develop the applications that are used by users to complete the specific tasks on a device as well as designing the environment that allow these devices to run properly. They also check the bugs in software developed by other people.

Algorithm specialists: – An Algorithm specialist is a person who design and research algorithm for real world and academic applications. Algorithms are sequence of instructions that perform various type of tasks. An Algorithm specialist spend a lot of time to make an algorithm easy and faster.

Robotics: – Robotics is a domain of artificial intelligence that deals with the study of creating intelligent and efficient robots. Robots are artificial agents acting in real world. Robotics is a branch of A.I. composed of Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Science Engineering.

Medical Field: – Using A.I., we can interpret medical images, diagnose patient automatically and keep the record of the patient, monitoring, control in intensive care units, etc.

Space: -A.I. is impacting the space industry in many ways like Health monitoring of spacecraft, Autonomous Navigation, Feature detection for planetary exploration etc.

Military Activities: – This is the area where governments invested the most on A.I. as they wanted their country’s military to be the armed with more advanced weapons than any country.

According to indeed.com, the average salary of an “artificial intelligence engineer” in the San Francisco ranges from $134,135 per year for software engineer to $169,930 per year for machine learning engineer. However, depend upon your experience and the knowledge it can vary and can be much higher than this.

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