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The first step in implementing digital marketing strategy is to understand if the company that we are approaching has an existing Digital Presence or not? If a company doesn’t currently have one, the pitch can be started with showing the importance and the need for employment of digital marketing measures in today’s scenario. The importance of digital marketing can be explained with the help of the following talking points:

Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing measures

Digital marketers get far better cost-per-lead (CPL) compared to any other marketing channels. Small businesses have very little and capital, hence digital marketing provides them with a much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results.

Digital Marketing caters to the “mobile consumer”

Mobiles have evolved over the years and today they are not just mere alternatives for laptops and personal consumers, but are devices that greatly influence a consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Digital Marketing builds brand reputation and helps to earn people’s trust.

Delivering on promised services and quality of products contributes to building trust and increases social value of a band, helping to develop better relationship with targeted audiences.

Digital Marketing helps level the online playing field.

Digital Marketing provides businesses the chance to compete for and attract their share of targeted traffic. Digital Marketing provides small companies with the resources to perform sales and marketing processes that were previously able to large corporations.

Digital Marketing facilitates interaction with the targeted audience.

Digital marketing provides the opportunity to interact with customers and with proper engagement can help companies understand what their targeted audiences want.

Digital Marketing, using calls-to-action encourages potential consumers to take the favourable action.

Call-to-action are specific buttons on webpages that specify what web visitors can do next. Innovative forms, interactive buttons and text snippets, optimized according to color schemes, graphics and positioning on web page help generate best results in terms of generating the favourable action.

If the company does have an existing presence on the internet, and we want to convert them into Encyclojobs clientele, a digital analysis that can show them where their website is performing exemplarily and where lacking can be provided, and then the services offered can be pitched.

Lead Generation Plan:

What is a lead?

A lead is a person who has indicated in the products or services being offered by a company in some way or form.

Why are “leads” important?

As a consumer who is a lead, they’re likely to be on the receiving end of communication from the business organization after they have performed or clicked on some particular call-to-action on the businesses’ website or social media platform. This form of communication is less intrusive for the consumer when compared to a random cold call they might receive from a company who just purchase their contact info. As a business, the information collected about the potential customer during the call-to-action helps or allows it to personalize communication for that individual and his/her problems or needs.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting prospects into someone who has indicated their interest in the products and services being offered by one’s company.

The Plan?

There are various strategies to implement lead generation. The first step in the process of lead generation should be creating a strong, and more importantly, effective Social Media Presence. After the digital revolution, the most effective form of marketing is one which reaches out to consumers, where they spend most of their time, online.

Social Media Marketing

This is an effective form of lead generation, because it has the highest probability to get followers to click on the call-to-action presented to them. Social Media connections are people-to-people relationships offering the opportunity for personalized communication with consumers. However, one thing to remember before diving into social media marketing is that, People on Social Media do NOT care about your business. They care about their problems and their interests. We must be solution they are looking for. Another key factor in Social Media Marketing is to not employ the use of a blanket approach, because people on different platforms demand a different user experience.

Hence, Twitter can be a great platform for generating brand awareness, and Facebook for generating user engagement. YouTube offers immense opportunities for showing off the products and services offered, and LinkedIn is the best platform for networking. The primary goal on Social Media Platforms must be to interact with others and be helpful and not immediately start pushing your product.

Content Marketing

Content Creation though might seem unlikely goes long ways in Lead generation for businesses. Content in this context refers to carefully crafted messages in the form of articles, blog posts, media posts, free e-books or handouts on certain topics that relate to the company’s line of work and videos, all of which are is some way helpful or of value to the user.

The key point of content marketing is to create the content about the problems and needs of the prospective customers from the customer’s point of view and presenting solutions. The content must pertain to a strong story that can turn heads and appeals to the interests of the readers.

The best part about content marketing is the inclusion of call-to-actions anywhere in the content. The motive is to create content that provides a reader or visitor with useful and free information, and to entice the visitor enough to get them to click on the call-to-action and reach the landing page of the company site.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tool that helps increase the reach of one’s content. SEO mainly means optimizing the pages of the company website for better accessibility and indexing by the search engine thereby allowing to increase the visibility of the page on the Internet.

SEO helps bringing relevant audiences to the website who much more likely to click on the call-to-action than random stragglers who happen to end up on the website. Optimizing the content created as a part of the Content Marketing plan increases the effectiveness of the content in creating leads.


The best part about using Blogging as a lead generation tool is the option to tailor entire blog posts to the end goal. For example, a business in say handicraft items could dedicate entire blog posts to a certain product being offered by them, and the call-to-action would take them to the business’ website where one could place an order for the said handicrafts item. Blogging on a regular scale keeps the website ‘fresh’ on the google search indexing scale and increases visibility in keyword-searches. It also helps to increase brand trust and credibility in the subject matter.

Success Stories and Testimonials

This in an incredibly effective tool for attracting consumers to the company website by building trust among the consumers. Posting regularly at discrete intervals about customer success stories or testimonials from satisfied users, or even emailing prospective consumers or clients with links to these stories provides social proof of success and provides conversions.

Product Trials and Free Services

A lot of barriers can be broken down by offering free products to website visitors. Once a prospective consumer is using a provided free service, they can be further encouraged to engage with the website by presenting offers on further resources they might want to buy. The company branding must be included in all free products and services offered to act as a reminder to the ‘tryers’ and capture other potential customers.

These are some the most basic and effective ways of lead generation that businesses can use as a part of their digital marketing campaign to increase customer base and visibility. Each of these ideas, need to be tailored to the audiences they are meant to target, and a blanket and generic approach cannot be use for all services.

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