How Artificial Intelligence Affect Language Learning


If you use a smartphone then you already know the voice control feature given in the phone. If not then it’s a feature that lets you use your phone just by using your voice means you can do anything just by saying to the Google assistant or Siri in iPhone, but did you ever wonder about how’s that possible?

It is possible by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence also called Machine Intelligence, is the study of intelligence agents. If we talk about agents then, an agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon the environment through actuators. There are mainly four approaches to A.I. which is Thinking humanly, acting humanly, thinking rationally, Acting rationally.

There are a lot of applications of A.I. some of them are Robotics, Medical fields (diagnosis), Autonomous planning and scheduling, Game-play, Natural language processing and some other applications such as Autonomous control, Logistic planning etc.

Now, if we talk about Natural language processing it is divided into two parts, first is language understanding i.e. speech recognition and the other is problem solving. And because of this it isn’t essential for people to learn different languages because A.I can understand almost every language people speak today.

In the old days when A.I is not in the fashion or you can say it was not used widely people hired translators to speak to someone who don’t know their language or they learned their language. That was also a career option in those days for people to choose because many government agencies need translators and specially media because they needed reporters who understand different languages but now there are many applications of A.I based on natural language processing which can help understanding any language one wants to speak or learn.

Artificial Intelligence is the exchange of information between human and cyber intelligence as the next big step leap in the thinking, and it go so far. As smarter the Artificial Intelligence becomes, we can begin to measure and track human behavior in that ways  which were never possible before.

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