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Today, wherever you go there is one common need of every job profile and that is effective communication. Even in Military, Effective speech communication is recognized as an instrumental capability in many fields of military activities such as command and control, aircraft, translation, intelligence, and training. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) research task group conducted experiments and surveys focused on military applications of speech and language processing.

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An effective speech communication has a lot of benefits. Whatever the field is including military and especially in the medical sector of military where few years ago due to a minor insurrection among the hospital staff at the Army’ Europe Regional Medical Command in Heidelberg, Germany. Doctors had to stay extremely late to finish their notes and also come in on weekends to update their patients’ electronic health record. The Doctors were leaving military due to this problem and that’s when the military adopt Nuance Communications voice recognition software and after this, things began to improve, slowly.

Another example of effective speech communication is the communication between the fighter plane pilot and the people sitting in the operation room. These people give instruction to the pilot where to go and when to shoot and all that becomes possible because of effective communication. There is a in built radio in the plane which transfer the words from one end to another end.

Now a days there are more advance tech available which makes communication far better than before. Researchers at MIT built a new tech which makes easy to communicate between submarine and the plane flying overhead which was practically impossible, earlier. The new tech involves the sound of waves to create small vibrations and these vibrations are detectable on the surface of water. The powerful speakers fitted in this tech send sound waves to the surface. And because of this the water vibrate in imperceptible manner.

As you can see that day by day technology is making communication more advance than it ever was and due to this many problem, that occur before has been sort out by researcher and scientists. So it is safe to say that technology has made communication more easy and more advance.

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